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Eco Mini Shopping Trolley


Shopping Trolley

Shopping Trolley


Eco Mini Shopping Trolley. It has aesthetic design and practical use. Body (case) formed with wire gauge of 3,50 mm is installed onto pipe with thickness 19x0,50 mm. It has one-piece, plastic, 15 cm outer diameter wheels proofed against hard conditions. Wheels are installed through Fiber Nuts in order to prevent their coming loose, they are covered through wheel trim caps. Galvanized coating is conducted untouched by human hands in Fully Automatic Acid Zinc Coating Plant. It is delivered with its special printed fibre fabric in packaged pack. It is economic helper of your bazaar shopping.
Barcode Product Name Code Liter Capacity axbxc = cm Assembly axbxc = cm Packing Pieces Kg ± %5 M3± %5
869 1913 401330 Mini Echo Shopping Cart RK-101 55 Lt. 10 Kg. 46,5x52,5x93,5 Screw 140x26,5x46,5 6 14,70 0.172

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